Mission & Values


Akron FBC exists to develop a thriving community of believers that is passionately reaching the world for Jesus.
Love God.
This begins in the heart with a personal relationship with Jesus. This love grows as we gather together in worship and hear the teaching of God’s word.

Grow Together.
We grow together through God’s word and through community. Community is the fellowship we enjoy as Christians. The Bible is taught in every worship service, in every Group, and one-on-one through Continue Discipleship.

Serve Others.
Jesus adds people to His church and gifts them to serve by His grace. We desire to help all members of our Akron FBC family discover and use their gifts to serve others through outreach, missions, and care.


The New Testament gives us a pattern for following Jesus.
Step 1 - Believe in Jesus 
Salvation from sin is a moment of faith. God says, “…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved…” (Acts 16:31). This belief is more than a head belief—it’s a heart trust. It means to fully trust Jesus Christ as the only Savior—the only way to God, the only hope of rescue from separation from God.

Step 2 - Follow Jesus In Baptism 
The second step in your relationship with Jesus is baptism. Baptism doesn’t make someone a Christian. It doesn’t wash away sin. It’s simply going public with your faith and choosing to identify with our Savior.

Step 3 - Connect With Believers 
In Acts 2, those who believed were baptized, and then they were added to the church. Once someone has believed in Jesus, their next step is to connect with a family of believers. Through these relationships, a new Christian can grow and mature in the faith and teachings of Jesus. 

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