Friday - August 18th

Psalms 35:9 – “And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation.”

One cannot help but be inspired by the life and testimony of Billy Bray, a devoted follower of Christ from the early 1800s. His incredible transformation from a life of drunkenness and sin to one filled with fervent praise and love for God is a powerful reminder of the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

Despite his limited education, Billy Bray's enthusiasm for his faith propelled him to become a compelling preacher. One key component of his ministry's success was his ability to maintain the joy that came with his salvation.

In his own words, Bray exclaimed, "I shouted for joy, I praised Him with my whole heart for what He has done. They said I was a mad-man, but they mean I was a glad-man; and glory be to God, I have been glad ever since.”

Bray's unwavering passion and uncontainable joy serve as an inspiration for us today. May his example remind us to embrace the delight of our salvation and overflow with praises for our faithful and loving God.

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